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Areas of Responsibility
Processing of official documents.
ŸTo call and arrange the University Affair Meeting and the University Weekly Administrative Meeting.
ŸTo govern and execute meeting decisions and follow-up information. 
ŸTo promote long term school development plans. 
ŸTo prepare the agenda for supervision. 
ŸTo arrange the schedule of the president. 
ŸTo handle the agenda and letters concerning the university president. 
ŸTo administer other assigned matters.

Public Relations
ŸTo writing and release the press release.
ŸTo record the university great events and compile the school chronology.
ŸEditorial Contents of STUST Newsletter.
ŸTo monitor and collect media coverage (newspaper clipping) of the university.
ŸTo maintain and manage the University Archives.
ŸMaintenance and updates of the website.
ŸTo administer other assigned matters.